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Information about banknotes of 100 Bolívares
Equivalence in other monetary units
This denomination is equivalent in value to "20 Venezolanos", "20 Pesos Fuerte", "25 Pesos", "200 Reales" (from the predecessor monetary unit "Peso Fuerte") and "10 Céntimos" (from the sucessor monetary unit "Bolívar Fuerte")
Design A
Piece bbvc100bs-aax-6 (Obverse)
Photo from piece bbvc100bs-aax-6
Piece bbvc100bs-aa02-6-2 (Reverse)
Photo from piece bbvc100bs-aa02-6-2
Banknotes classified inside of Design A:
Design B
Piece bbvc100bs-bas (Obverse)
Photo from piece bbvc100bs-bas
Piece bbvc100bs-ba01-5-2 (Reverse)
Photo from piece bbvc100bs-ba01-5-2
Banknotes classified inside of Design B:
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