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Information about Banco de Maracaibo and the Monetary Unit Bolívar
Historical overview
Founded in 1882 with an initial capitalization ammount of Bs. 160.000 as a merchant bank without any link with the goverment.
Monetary Unit Name
Bolívar of Silver (1879-1918)
Bolívar of Gold (1918-1974)
Bolívar (1974-2007)
Monetary System
100 Céntimos = 1 Bolívar
Time Period
From 1879 through December 31st 2007, which has been replaced by "Bolívar Fuerte".
Monetary equivalence
5 Céntimos = 1 Centavo (Venezolano)
1 Bolívar = 20 Centavo (Venezolano)
5 Bolívares = 1 Venezolano
1000 Bolívares = 1 Bolívar Fuerte
10 Bolívares
Piece bbdm10bs-ca01-a6 (Obverse)
Photo from piece bbdm10bs-ca01-a6
Banknotes of 10 Bolívares
20 Bolívares
Piece bbdm20bs-aes (Reverse)
Photo from piece bbdm20bs-aes
Banknotes of 20 Bolívares
40 Bolívares
Piece bbdm40bs-abs (Reverse)
Photo from piece bbdm40bs-abs
Banknotes of 40 Bolívares
50 Bolívares
Piece bbdm50bs-aas (Obverse)
Photo from piece bbdm50bs-aas
Banknotes of 50 Bolívares
100 Bolívares
Piece bbdm100bs-ads (Reverse)
Photo from piece bbdm100bs-ads
Banknotes of 100 Bolívares
200 Bolívares
Piece bbdm200bs-ads (Obverse)
Photo from piece bbdm200bs-ads
Banknotes of 200 Bolívares
400 Bolívares
500 Bolívares
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