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Information about Venezuela and the Monetary Unit Bolívar Digital
These coins is from the time period since the separation of Venezuela from the Greater Colombia in 1830.
Legal base
Decree no. 4.553 published in the official gazette No. 42.185 of August 6th 2021
Monetary Unit Name
Bolívar Soberano
Time Period
Since October 1st 2021. Coexistence with "Bolívar Soberano"
Monetary equivalence
100,000,000,000 Bolívares Fuertes (BsF) = 1 Bolívar Digital
10,000 Bolívares Soberanos (BsS) = 1 Centimo (Bolívar Digital)
1,000,000 Bolívares Soberanos (BsS) = 1 Bolívar Digital
Monetary System
100 Céntimos = 1 Bolívar Digital
Catalogation note
For cataloguing purpose as there are no monetary unit change only a redenomination process, name "Bolívar Digital" and symbol "BsD" will be used.
Officially the monetary unit is "Bolívar Soberano" with ISO currency code (VES/928) and symbol "Bs" as it's a monetary redenomination by dividing the current value by 1 million starting October 1st 2021.

The ISO Standard created the currency code VED/926 for any internal need during the redenomination process.

The name "Bolívar Digital" is used officially to differentiate with the former monetary expression. Informally, "BsD" symbol is being used to differentiate to BsS.
25 Céntimos
50 Céntimos
1 Bolívar Digital
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