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Information about Venezuela and the Monetary Unit Venezolano
These coins is from the time period since the separation of Venezuela from the Greater Colombia in 1830.
Monetary Unit Name
Fuerte or Venezolano of Gold
Monetary System
100 Centavos = 1 Venezolano
Time Period
Monetary equivalence
1 Centavo de Peso Fuerte = 1 Centavo de Venezolano
1 Centavo
Piece mv1cv-aa01,p (Reverse)
Photo from piece mv1cv-aa01,p
2 1/2 Centavos
5 Centavos
Piece mv5cv-aa02 (Reverse)
Photo from piece mv5cv-aa02
10 Centavos
20 Centavos
50 Centavos
Piece mv50cv-aa02 (Reverse)
Photo from piece mv50cv-aa02
1 Venezolano
5 Venezolanos
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