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2nd Binational Numismatic Convention
Saturday February 17th, 2024 - Sunday February 18th, 2024
2nd Binational Numismatic Convention
2nd Binational Numismatic Convention

Numismática en Margarita and Numisubastas, are proud to announce that soon there will be the “II Convención Numismática Binacional” (2nd Binational Numismatic Convention), an event that will have two dates, with exhibition of cultural, historical and numismatic wealth of both countries.

The “II Convención Numismática Binacional” is a metting that last four (4) days, split into two chapters: two (2) days, February 17 and 18 de 2024 in Caracas, Venezuela; and two (2) days, March 1st and 2nd in Bogotá, Colombia.

The main reason is to promote, sponsor and program activities toward the diffusion and development of collecting culture and numismatic science in all area.

This convention is an attractive meeting point for economic and intellectual growth, whether by increasing clients and pieces, or participating important conferences with high level speakers.

The event will be held in the Hotel CCT Caracas, Torre D, Oasis hall at Lobby. Exposition booth will be open both days from 10:30am through 5pm. The academic activities on Sunday February 18th from 2pm through 8pm.

- Numismática en Margarita : -1 +58-412-2492881
- Numisubastas : -1 +58-414-1147415